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5 Makeup No No’s

Updated: Jan 30

2024 Dont Skip These Makeup Musts!

TONER!!!! The most over looked! Why aren’t you using an exfoliating toner or skin softeners? I love to use toner to get the dead skin around my nose that I have affectionately named “the crusties”out of here. This build up creates texture and blocks your skin from receiving the moisturizer. Get rid of excess dirt and oil by using a clean cotton round and wiping your face with a toner. Some of my favorites are… Nars MultiAction Hydrating toner (because my rosácea girls are still safe), Cos rx moisture up, Paula's choice Bha, and Mario Badescu glycolic toner.

I don’t care if you are oily moisturize. And NO I am not talking about the body lotion you slapped on your face. Why arent we properly moisturizing? Moisturizing your skin provides a smoother, softer more supple surface which makes products glide on. When in doubt over hydrate you can dab off any excess by pressing a tissue against the nose and forehead. I love embryolisse but it is heavier if you like a lighter texture cos rx has a few. SkinFix barrier+ is also amazing if you don’t like heavy but Bobbi Browns face base or Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream give that amazing glow if you have a bigger budget.

The girls are skipping primer and it’s a mistake!  Primer acts as a barrier for your skin not to absorb the makeup and also a base coat for your makeup by gripping the makeup and blurring your texture and pores. ELF is the best dupe of Milk's gripping primer and is one of my favorites.Laura Mercier's blurring primer and Danessa Myricks universal blurring balm are also always in my kit especially for oily skin types.

Using too much primer! If your makeup is pilling or create little balls of primer STOP immeadiately. Throw the whole skin prep away and start over.

Putting too much product on at once. It over saturates the brush and makes application streaky or creates a buildup around creases of the face. Building coverage in the areas you need it (usually center face) and less where you don't will avoid the mask like appearance.

Not using blush. Your face without bronzer or blush will look flatter and less lively. Add dimension and interest back to your face by blending your blush into your bronzer.

Finally... most women are NOT using setting spray. If you don't love the powdery finish that happens when you complete your makeup use setting spray to bring the life back to your skin. Urbana Decays all nighter also helps prevent transfer and extends the life of your makeup.

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Jan 30

very informative. im going to change what i use on my skin

Replying to

Im glad you expanded your knowledge you already do a great job


I need to purchase a few of these and try to add to my routine 💕

Replying to

I need to get some practice in and I will ☺️☺️

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