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Whats Blood Got To Do With It?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

I specifically chose to highlight these blood building, oxygenating products because of their integral importance to having healthy cells.

When I started in the industry healing was my focus. With my focus on illnesses, my first step was to figure out the HOW? Then WHY?

What I saw most consistently is that

  • Invaders attack and or live in our cells then replicate and cause disease

  • These invaders steal from our healthy cells

  • Oxygen deprivation causes our organs to malfunction

  • Organ malfunction leads to poor quality of life & can lower immunity

  • Sufficient healthy red blood cells are the foundation for health

So for me, it made total sense that if red blood cells were the messengers that deliver oxygen that is a key component to functioning organs that we need to live, that we must address the cells first. Whether its cancer, cysts, viral or bacterial infection you will end up back at your cells.

What does that mean for what we are dealing with now?

Lets look at the TOP symptoms of oxygen deprivation and low red blood cell count

  1. Confusion

  2. Headache

  3. Shortness of breath

  4. Dizziness

  5. Lethargy

Sound Familiar?

Can you talk about respiration without oxygenation? Ergo CELL POWER & CELL FOOD. These products are comprised of minerals, amino acids, enzymes and dissolved oxygen. What carries oxygen throughout the body and furthermore carries the potentially toxic carbon dioxide to the lungs to be expelled? You guessed it! Red Blood Cells which leads me to B12 and Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll or what I call "plant blood" has a wonderful effect on humans. It improves the quality of the red blood cells and can also increase the amount we have. Not only does it detoxify the blood but assists in liver detoxification. The list actually goes on but I think the most interesting part of chlorophyll's effect on the body is its ability to block the absorption of cancer causing chemicals.

B12 is a crucial vitamin and is needed for production of red blood cells, nerve tissue and not to mention brain function. (If you are vegetarian like me, it is even more important to supplement)


First because it is easily absorbed by the mucous linings in the mouth, throat and esophagus. Which means the trace minerals it contains are going straight into you.

Not only have they been said to boost T-cell numbers and activity but it is said to also dissolve infectious bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

I could truly blabber on and on but I am confident that I was able to impress upon you the reason I say that these things that seem completely unimportant are very much a great foundation for fighting back and basic maintenance. Many things in nature serve to provide multiple benefits so you will naturally see overlapping in my recommendations and can therefor condense your list as a result. To shop my #amazoninfluencer list. CLICK HERE

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